May 2017 consultations

A variety of consultations closing in May 2017.




Ontario Land Use Planning

[Ontario wants] to hear your suggestions on:

  • how we can improve the province’s land use planning systems, including what can be appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)
  • the Development Charges Act
  • parkland dedication
  • section 37 of the Planning Act, which enables a municipality to negotiate with a developer for items such as affordable housing in exchange for permission for the developer to build in excess of zoning limits

You are invited to share your comments and ideas by January 10, 2014. You can:

Submit your comments through an online version of this guide at (specifically )

Environmental Bill of Rights Registry Number: 012-0241

Email a submission to

You can read the guide PDF at

November 8, 2013  Ontario Land Use Planning – Nov 21, 2013

redeveloping the Domtar lands – Dec 11, 2013

Windmill Developments is planning an information session on its Chaudiere Island development ideas on Dec. 11 at the Museum of Civilization, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. … presentations are at 6 and then repeated at 7:30

from Windmill Developments wants to talk Domtar land plans

UPDATE 2013-12-01 – slide deck Domtar Lands Redevelopment Ottawa/Gatineau: A Vision For A World Class EcoDistrict Community from New Approaches to Developing Sustainable Neighbourhoods session on August 19 at the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) 2013 conference in Ottawa.

Link to conference deck via @kerfluffer on Twitter.

Tunney’s Pasture preferred option

It’s not too bad.  Residential with interior courtyard grass over parking.  Probably more parking than needed, but at least much better than surface parking.  Massing a bit too high, particularly the odd Ottawa love of towers shading a playing field.  Green space is really just one park and some connecting glue (no one will use the Boulevard space).  If they do the bike lanes right it could be ok to get around.  No indication of what speed limits they’re proposing.  I think that Major (around the edge) should be 30 km/h and Local (the interior) should be 10 km/h, enforced in design, not by signs.  Not enough retail, particularly towards the back (north) of the lot.  Unless very very carefully done, “urban plaza” will end up being empty windswept concrete, as with plazas around Ottawa and the world.

See it all at a typically governmenty URL:

Feedback to deadline December 20, 2013

Full context at and scattered around from

No one settled on a hashtag.

Queen Street renewal – public open house

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
5:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West, Jean Pigott Hall

The City of Ottawa is undertaking an Environmental Assessment and detailed design study for the proposed Queen Street Renewal project. The project involves a comprehensive streetscape renewal of the Queen Street surface infrastructure from Bronson Avenue to Elgin Street.


also see the main Queen Street renewal page.  Don’t ask me why the main page isn’t linked directly to the public open house page.

This is a follow-on to the Downtown Moves project.

January 8, 2013  Downtown Moves final presentations – Jan 17, 2013