All the train-related emojis

Since these emoji are tiny on most devices, and since most people just type “train” and select something, and since many people are not too bothered about which one to use, they tend to get jumbled up.Β  But anyway, here is what they’re supposed to be used for:


🚈 Light Rail

  • Light Rail is the correct emoji for the Ottawa Line 1 LRT
  • U+1F688

πŸš‚ Locomotive (steam train)

  • With the Wakefield steam train gone, the Canada Science & Technology Museum is the best place to see these, e.g. the Steam exhibition
  • U+1F682

πŸš† generic train

  • This is the closest emoji for Ottawa’s Line 2 diesel trains
  • U+1F686

πŸš„ High-Speed Train

  • Does not apply to any train in Canada
  • U+1F684

πŸš… Bullet Train

  • Does not apply to any train in Canada
  • Typically used for Shinkansen trains, but applies to any train with a “streamlined bullet nose”
  • U+1F685

🚝 Monorail

  • U+1F69D

πŸš‡ Metro (subway)

  • U+1F687

🚞 Mountain Railway

  • U+1F69E

🚊 Tram

  • The difference between light rail and a tram is that a tram runs at street level in a city, often with stops beside the sidewalk.Β  May run in mixed traffic.Β  The original form of rail mass transit in cities.Β  In North America often called a streetcar or a trolley.
  • U+1F68A

🚟 Suspension Railway

  • It’s kind of odd that there is an emoji for this as suspension railways are very rare.Β  The handful of suspension railways includes Wuppertal in Germany & Shonan and Chiba in Japan.
  • U+1F69F

Rail Cars

πŸšƒ Railway Car

  • It’s not really clear what kind of railway car this is.
  • The train emojis are not really designed to be assembled together.Β  Some face left, some face forward, and you can’t flip the direction.Β  So you can make a train going left like this πŸš‚πŸšƒπŸšƒπŸšƒ
    but you can’t really make a generic train with cars πŸš†πŸšƒπŸšƒ
    or a light rail train with engines on both ends πŸšˆπŸšƒπŸšƒπŸšˆ
    plus there’s no consistency between different designs for this emoji on whether the railway car has a pantograph (overhead connection to electrical wires) or not.
  • U+1F683

πŸš‹ Tram Car

  • The tram emojis are not designed to be assembled together.Β  A tram ends up looking like πŸšŠπŸš‹πŸš‹.
  • It’s definitely an electric tram, with a pantograph (overhead connection to electrical wires).
  • U+1F68B

Train Stations

πŸš‰ (Train) Station

  • It’s really more train platform than train station
  • U+1F689

Ⓜ️ Circled M

  • Commonly indicates a πŸš‡ Metro stop
  • U+24C2


πŸ›€οΈ Railway Track

  • These are all pretty much terrible at a small size.Β  Microsoft’s looks more like a mountain than railway tracks (and appears to show the railway heading directly for the mountain).
  • They aren’t designed to be lined up, so they look weird side-by-side: πŸ›€οΈπŸ›€οΈπŸ›€οΈ
  • U+1F6E4

Ottawa O-Train Specific

While it might seem like the red O emoji β­• is ideal for the O-Train, there are two issues:

  1. It’s actually called Heavy Large Circle, so for people using screen readers, it would probably sound like “Heavy Large Circle Train”, not “O-Train”.
  2. It has a specific meaning in a Japanese context: “an alternative to a [checkmark] in Japan for a something that is correct”.

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