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Ottawa’s commuter rail (light rail transit, LRT) gets a lot more complicated in Stage 2.

As a reminder, there are two lines:

  • Line 1, the red line, runs east-west.  It’s also called the Confederation Line.  It uses all-electric trains, running on dual tracks (i.e. separate tracks for each direction).
  • Line 2, the green line, runs north-south.  It’s also called the Trillium Line.  It will use diesel trains, and has segments of single track (meaning that trains have to wait in carefully-managed stops, in order to share the track in both directions).

Line 1 extends east to Trim Station, but on the west side it splits, with part heading west and part turning south.  Line 2 adds stations and continues south, but then takes a rather dramatic turn to the west at the end of line.

Stage 2 System Map

In terms of implementation, the project is separated into three separate parts for the east and west (Line 1) and south (Line 2) extensions.  You can see the planned system in this Stage 2 map, including a Line 1 extension that was added in the west to Moodie Station and the new west turning to Limebank Station at the end of Line 2.  Below map from Stage 2 – Where (Internet Archive copy).

2022 2024 2025 OTT_LRT_Stage2_FullMap_11x17_FEB_2019_Bil(I added the dates.)

Black circles with black text boxes are new stations, and the new segments are also shown as thinner.  Note that bus rapid transit (the remainder of the Transitway buses) is shown in grey.

Line 1 gets 11 more stations in the west, 5 new stations in the east, and 38 more Alstom Citadis Spirit trains.  Target completion date is 2025.

On the green line (Line 2), two stations are added within the existing Stage 1 segment: Gladstone Station and Walkley Station.  Line 2 also gets an extension to the airport, but this is not a direct train; you have to change to an airport shuttle train at South Keys Station.  Line 2 will add 7 new Stadler FLIRT trains for the main line while continuing to use the existing Coradia LINT trains for the airport line.  Target completion date is 2022.

Also see Interactive Maps below.

UPDATE 2018-02-24: A detailed technical briefing including updated timelines, budget, and the selected private sector implementation groups was presented at a Committee of the Whole special meeting of Council on February 27, 2019 at 1pm.

The documents are available in the city’s SIRE agenda system.  There are two agenda items:

The report ACS2019-TSD-OTP-0001 Contract Award of Ottawa’s Stage 2 Light Rail Transit Projects and Related Matters (PDF) has nine appendices of which the most interesting for me was Appendix 5: Station Descriptions and Technical Overview (PDF) which includes renderings of all the new Line 1 and Line 2 stations.

There is a very-high-level summary in city news release City holds technical briefing on Stage 2 LRT and the Preferred Proponents.

Stage 2 is made up of two projects extending the Confederation and Trillium Lines totalling 44 kilometres of new rail and 24 new LRT stations.

The marquee information is:

  • total cost $4.66 billion
  • Trillium Line (Line 2, north-south) extension target completion 2022, including a complete shutdown from May 2020 until September 2022
  • Confederation Line (Line 1) East extension target completion 2024
  • Confederation Line (Line 1) West extension target completion 2025

Ottawa Stage 2 LRT Table 5 Updated Schedule
above from page 61 of Contract Award of Ottawa’s Stage 2 Light Rail Transit Projects and Related Matters (PDF)

The Trillium Line (Line 2) includes a completely separate Airport Link Line, a spur line from South Keys.  By completely separate I mean you have to change trains at South Keys, and in fact the Airport Line will run completely different trains – it will inherit the current Alstom Coradia LINT diesel trains, while as previously announced the main Line 2 trains will be new Stadler FLIRT diesel trains.

UPDATE 2019-12-11: The entire Stage 2 website (stage2lrt) now redirects to the City of Ottawa website.   The city website is


This news item doesn’t link to the new Stage 2 LRT documentation, which can be found on the Resources page, a giant list on the city’s site at

The contract award is in the city’s Legislative Materials section of the Resources page

The following presentation has a lot of useful information:

including many station renderings, and segment-by-segment construction schedules.


Line 2 Extends South, then West

The details of the plan to extend Line 2 west are available in the Trillium Line Extension Planning and Environmental Assessment (EA) Study – Addendum.

I’ll only look at the end of the line, which is a change to the original Stage 2 plan.

Here is Earl Armstrong / Bowesville Station and Park & Ride

Earl Armstrong and Bowesville Station park and ride

Earl Armstrong and Bowesville Station plus park and ride functional design

Above two images are from pp. 68-70 of the Trillium Extension EA Study Addendum document (PDF).

Here is the extension west to Limebank Station

Limebank Station - extension

Limebank Station - preliminary station functional design

Above two images are from pp. 93-99 of the Trillium Extension EA Study Addendum document (PDF).

Line 2 Stage 2 Train Sets

In Stage 2 the existing Line 2 main line trains will be replaced with the Stadler FLIRT (Fast Light Innovative Regional Train).  It is diesel powered but can be converted to electric.


Above from City secures funding to extend O-Train Trillium Line to the heart of Riverside South (Internet Archive link).  I believe our trains will be much longer than depicted above.

The Stage 1 Coradia LINT trains will be used for the Airport Link.

Above: Photo of Stage 1 Coradia LINT train on the main Trillium Line (Line 2) May 24, 2015

Figure 7 Stadler FLIRT and Airport Link Vehicles
above image of Stadler FLIRT from page 55 of Contract Award of Ottawa’s Stage 2 Light Rail Transit Projects and Related Matters (PDF).  For illustration only; Ottawa’s vehicles will not look exactly like this and will have a different door configuration.

The February 2019 technical briefing included a much clearer Trillium Line (Line 2) train diagram.  Note that our Line 2 FLIRT trains will have two sets of doors per car, not one set as in Figure 7 above.

Ottawa LRT Line 2 vehicles Stage-2-Light-Rail-Transit-Project_Tech-Briefing_20190222_EN
above from slide 83 of Stage 2 Light Rail Transit Project: Technical Briefing – February 22, 2019 (PDF, Internet Archive link)

UPDATE 2020-05-14: There is a new image for the Trillium Line (Line 2) Stadler FLIRT train

Ottawa LRT Line 2 Stage 2 O-Train South Stadler FLIRT vehicle livery
Slide 59 from Stage 2 May 2020 Update (PDF) presented to Ottawa City Council on May 13, 2020.


Construction and Status Updates

You can find construction updates on the city’s website under Stage 2 Light Rail Transit Project > Project updates.

There was an update presented to Finance and Economic Development Committee (FEDCO) on March 9, 2020:

There was an update presented to City Council on May 13, 2020:


There was a consultation on Stage 2 Confederation Line (Line 1) West Extension [Pedestrian and Cycling] Connectivity.  The consultation closed July 10, 2020.

Ottawa consulted on pedestrian and cycling connectivity to the Stage 2 LRT Trillium Line South stations.  The consultation closed May 15, 2020.

There was also a connectivity consultation for Stage 2 LRT Confederation Line East but it closed in April 2020.

Information Session Presentations

Presentations can be found in the Resources – Community Presentations section of the Stage 2 LRT pages.

As you can see from the presentations above, there were information sessions in 2019 and 2020.  No further sessions are scheduled at the moment.

See all of the information session dates (there are no attached presentations on the session web pages) at


See the City of Ottawa website in the major projects section, including station renderings.  The short link is or go directly to

The main website for Stage 2 was Please refer to that website for official Stage 2 routes and station information.

Interactive Maps

There is an interactive map available on the City of Ottawa website.  You can zoom in to see details, as well as click on individual stations (red circles) to get more information.  Thanks to Mapping Ottawa’s LRT on The Map Room blog for this information.

You can see Stage 2 track alignments in GeoOttawa.  Go to More layers… and select Rail Implementation Office at the very bottom (below Miscellaneous).  Note that GeoOttawa requires Flash.

UPDATE 2020-07-03: geoOttawa beta is available and works in any web browser.  END UPDATE

Stage 3

Stage 3 may extend to Kanata, to Barrhaven, and possibly across the Prince of Wales bridge to Quebec.  Details are not finalised; I have done a separate blog post with Stage 3 maps.

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