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With Canada as the New York Times #1 destination for 2017, the NYT has followed with 36 Hours in Ottawa by Remy Scalza.  Overall the selections are good.  As a Centretowner I may regret the Market-centricity, but he did go to both North Dal (which is often overlooked) and Hintonburg. I’ve linked to some of my recommendations at the bottom.

  • Parliament Hill – yes
  • Major’s Hill Park – yes but it’s a bit of a mess in the winter
  • Château Laurier – yes
  • Métropolitain – ugh, no, I don’t like it
  • Riviera – yes
  • The Manx – yes
  • Art-is-in – yes
  • Maker House Co. – I have never been
  • Hintonburg Pottery – I have never been
  • Tooth and Nail – yes
  • Moulin de Provence – I would lean no, I never go there – Market touristy
  • House of Cheese – yes
  • Stubbe Chocolates – yes but I would have chosen Cylie in North Dal instead, although in fairness Cylie is closed for all of January
  • BeaverTails – I guess it’s a thing one has to do – Market touristy
  • Play Food & Wine – yes
  • Copper – I have never been
  • Château Lafayette – um, no, it’s a dive bar
  • Heart & Crown – I guess so?
  • National Gallery – yes
  • Workshop – I think so, but I don’t think I’ve been
  • Goods Shop – yes
  • Bridgehead – sure
  • Victoire – yes
  • Museum of Civilization (History) – yes

Overall as these things go, a good collection of Ottawa venues, with the constraints of some Market-centricity.  And there’s only so much one can fit in a 36 hours article.  I would have been inclined to Whalesbone Elgin over Métropolitain.

If you want to check out Centretown, I have a blog post on Centretown restaurants and shopping and a newer post Ottawa restaurants and shopping.

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