podcasts I like

For various reasons I have taken to listening to a fair number of podcasts.

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For some I have been listening long enough that I know what day new episodes come out:

  • Modes de vie, mode d’emploi comes out on Mondays
    • it’s a French show, mostly about urbanism topics
  • 99% Invisible comes out mostly on Tuesdays (sometimes Wednesdays)
    • The only way I can describe the topics is most of the time it’s like Roman Mars is in my head choosing things that I like.  Including pneumatic tubes.
  • alas I have no Wednesday podcast yet
  • The Urbanist comes out on Thursdays
    • it’s about urban planning and urban life
    • I liked it better when it was an hour with no banter.  Now it’s 30 minutes, with banter.
  • BackStory comes out on Fridays
    • it takes a current event and looks at the American historical background
    • through their In the Works section you can provide input to planned episodes or even pitch a show

The above are the four core podcasts that I listen to (almost every episode of the first three, most of BackStory – not all American history interests me).

Recently I started listening to the four podcasts below, which I may add to my main rotation:

  • In Our Time comes out on Thursdays (and airs on BBC Radio 4 as well)
    • It’s like walking into a random university classroom and hearing a seminar discussion.  Very wide-ranging.  Many episodes about individual historical figures and science topics.
  • Digital Human – Mondays – Series 7 starts airing on BBC Radio 4 on Monday April 13, 2015
    • a very thoughtful and humane consideration of how digital is impacting our lives
    • with the excellent Aleks Krotoski
    • in addition to the main podcast, there is also (rather confusingly) a podcast that is maybe earlier episodes – Digital Human Archive
  • The Guardian – Science Weekly – Fridays
  • The Guardian – Tech Weekly – Wednesdays
    • with the excellent Aleks Krotoski

There are also things that are long or short series.  Because the episodes have to be played in order (from oldest first) I use Downcast, as the Apple Podcasts app doesn’t know how to play in reverse order as far as I can tell.  It is still quite complicated to do in Downcast, but it works.

There are podcasts where I only dip into a small number of episodes, as interested.

There are also legacy podcasts that are no longer updated.

  • TVO’s Big Ideas (audio) – feed http://feeds.tvo.org/tvobigideas
    • sadly this lecture series was cancelled
    • it was video lectures, so the audio podcast doesn’t always communicate the full picture (e.g. if they’re talking about visuals they’re showing)
    • last updated September 2013

Others (not sure where these fit yet; haven’t listened to many episodes).

In case you’re wondering, I have noticed that with two exceptions all of my podcasts come from outside of Canada.  In many ways I feel like my media universe lives in the UK, thanks to the quantity and quality of BBC Radio productions.

Note that for many of the above links, you can also just listen to them directly on the website.  For Codes that Changed the World, I mostly listened to the livestream directly from the web, or went back and caught up using the web audio.