Stargate SG-1 season 6

The Daniel-is-dead season.  Basically he agreed to guest-star only if he liked the script, and then he agreed to come back in 7 because thought being de-ascended would add enough new interest to his character (and presumably whatever other disputes he had with the show were sorted out).

If you want to stick to the Daniel track, the only episodes to watch are x06, x19 and x22.

This entire season is basically SG-1 vs Anubis.

You can read episode summaries as well as detailed episode walkthroughs on Stargate Wikia.

SGC gets various fighter ships and a spaceship this season.  Col. Simmons finally gets his well-deserved demise.

Whomever does the photoshop for the DVD/iTunes covers screwed up Teal’c, he almost looks like a cartoon version of himself.

I’m not going to list all the episodes.

6×06 – Abyss – watch

A good episode for Jack to show his acting chops.

There is an issue with the sarcophagus though.  In the first few seasons, it always repaired body and clothes.  Here it only repairs body.

6×12 – Unnatural Selection – watch

This is a key episode to understand future developments with the Replicators.

6×19 – The Changeling – watch

This episode is a major change for Teal’c and the Jaffa.  Although Tretonin (first seen in 6×10) is a pretty handwaving way to address what had previously been understood as the symbiote itself playing an active role in sophisticated body repairs.

This episode was written by Christopher Judge (Teal’c).  It’s the second episode he wrote (first one was 5×18 The Warrior).  I guess one way to ensure you get the lines you want is to write them.

Story: Christopher Judge & Brad Wright
Teleplay: Brad Wright

6×22/7×01/7×02 – Full Circle/Fallen/Homecoming – watch

Skaara is seen for the last time.

Another planet is destroyed.

Daniel fights Anubis.

Daniel Jackson gets de-ascended in 7×01.

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