la Commission Mobilité 21 – French rail plans report

Summary of June 27, 2013 report from la Commission Mobilité 21, with a focus on how it will affect Rouen

76actu – LNPN, contournement Est de Rouen : où en est-on ?

The two major elements are bringing high-speed TGV to Rouen and building a new train station, Rouen-Rive-Gauche/Saint-Sever.  (The current station is Rouen-Rive-Droite; the original Saint-Sever train station was destroyed in WWII.)

The project is Ligne nouvelle Paris-Normandie (LNPN).  In 2012 there was discussion, followed by an April 5, 2012 decision (PDF) from RFF, the French rail infrastructure operator.  Following that decision, the Mobilité 21 commission looked at things further and produced its 2013 report.

Basically some activity is going to be delayed.  The new station and the TGV to Rouen may take until 2030.  The report proposed various scenarios, but the final decision hasn’t been made yet.  The article linked above says « Tout le suspense repose sur les choix de scénario que vont retenir Parlement et État dans les mois à venir. »

Other lines are already underway and not affected.  For example, by 2017, LGV-Est will extend to Vendenheim, just outside Strasbourg.  Also there will be TGV to Bordeaux by 2018.  The sub-project is LGV Tours – Bordeaux.  There’s supposed to be an entire site on the encompassing project, but it’s down.

UPDATE 2013-07-04: Bordeaux high-speed rail project site is back up.  Réseau Ferré de France: Ligne á Grande Vitesse, Sud Europe Atlantique, LGV Tours > Bordeaux.  (RFF: LGV Bordeaux)  « Il s’échelonnera sur 5 années pour permettre une mise en service en 2017. »  The line will run at 320km/h.  « Une vitesse commerciale de 320 km/h »  There is also a more detailed project progress site from the contractor: You can read a PDF summary (press release) from June 2013 in French and in English.