Hurdman before and after

Here’s the artist concept Hurdman from December 2011



and here’s what we actually got in Dec 2012

[Dec 2012 Hurdman Station exterior rendering]

[Dec 2012 Hurdman Station interior rendering]

Which makes me wonder what the point is of having the artist concept, since it looks nothing like the actual station they will build.  From soaring arc of wood, to flat roof with some wooden slats.  Plus which the trains better be frequent, because it’s going to be plenty cold waiting on those platforms in winter.

UPDATE 2017-03-27: Here’s what we are promised in March 2017

[March 2017 Hurdman Station exterior rendering]
UPDATE 2018-02-25: above from which is no longer available; image from Internet Archive (page archived March 27, 2017)