Ottawa transportation mega-review: master plan, cycling, pedestrians

Planning staff are initiating a review of the City of Ottawa Transportation Master Plan (2008), Ottawa Cycling Plan (2008) and Ottawa Pedestrian Plan (2009) for Council approval in 2013. The purpose of this report is to give information on the approach, scope and timing for this work.


The Transportation Master Plan (TMP), Ottawa Pedestrian Plan (OPP) and Ottawa Cycling Plan (OCP) all support the City’s Official Plan (OP) which will be reviewed and updated concurrently for Council approval in late 2013.

The planning horizon for the TMP, OPP and OCP will coincide with that of the OP.

From Transportation Committee – June 6, 2012 meeting – Statement of Work to Review and Update the Transportation Master Plan, Ottawa Pedestrian Plan and Ottawa Cycling Plan (PDF) – Ref N°: ACS2012-PAI-PGM-0139.

Ottawa has many layers of plans, but these ones sit at the top layer: The Official Plan, the Transportation Master Plan and then (I guess notionally below the Transportation plan?) the Pedestrian Plan and the Cycling Plan.  This is a mega-review.

Key Milestones (proposed):

  • Fall 2012 – Public Consultations – kickoff
  • Winter 2013 – Public Consultations – preliminary infrastructure needs assessment
  • Later Spring/Summer 2013 – Public Consultations – Final draft of policies & infrastructure needs
  • October 2013 – TMP, OPP, OCP tabled with Transportation Committee
  • November 2013 – TMP, OPP, OCP to Council for approval

The most important thing about these plans, in my opinion, is to make sure citizens hold the city to the implementation of the plans.  The existing plans already say a lot of good things.  The city consistently does not follow its own plans (particularly in any case when it comes to a conflict between cars and other modes of transportation; the car always gets priority even though the plans say it should be otherwise).