Ottawa urbanism events in 2012 + how to get urbanism updates

8-80 Cities

SAW City Debates

Spacing Ottawa Next City Cafe

see Spacing Ottawa blog: Next City Café 2012: Toxic Cities, Creative Collaboration, Art in the Streets

Urban Forum


Carleton Architecture

SkyscraperPage Ottawa Urbanism Group

Meeting on Tuesday February 28 at 7:30, location TBA, but there will be beer.

All are welcome. Please RSVP if you hope to attend, or otherwise wish to be kept in the loop. This can now be done by email to: OR We will send a reminder & further details regarding the next meeting / discussion by email.

Planning Summit

There is supposed to be a city planning summit, but I don’t have any details about it.  Mayor Watson says

the renewal of Ottawa’s Official Plan will begin with the upcoming Planning Summit

Planning Training

The city of Ottawa offers various Planning Primer courses throughout the year.  Anyone can attend.

Urban Design Review

Ottawa does have an Urban Design Review Panel, but their work is a bit hard to use – it’s just a long list of recommendations by date.  Their recommendations really need to be displayed on a map, with a lot more context, and ideally should be part of an ongoing conversation about urban design, not just static recommendation pages.

Follow online

I wish there was a dedicated @ottawaplanning account that provided a central place for updates, as the list of Ottawa planning activities is very long.

Ottawa does have a (rather well-hidden) set of email distribution lists that you can subscribe to.  It’s called eSubscriptions and it includes things like Downtown Moves updates and general planning updates.  (A gateway to Twitter and/or Facebook would help to open up the information on these mailing lists – I can’t imagine there are many people who know about them.)


  • #urbanott – Ottawa urbanism / urban planning
  • #dottmo – Downtown Moves plan
  • #ccdp2011 – Centretown Design Plan
  • #cc2067 – “capital conversations” for NCC Horizon 2067